Pain and inflammation
Code: 37360

Tail-Flick Unit, thermal stimulation of the tail, according to D'Amour & Smith method

The Ugo Basile Tail Flick was designed to measure accurately the nociceptive threshold to infrared heat stimulus on the rat or mouse tail.

The operator starts the stimulus: when the animal feels pain and flicks its tail, a sensor detects it, stops the timer and switches off the bulb. The reaction time of the animal is thus determined nd automatically recorded.

The Tail Flick basically consists of an I.R. source, whose radiant energy of adjustable intensity is focused on the animal tail by an embodied parabolic mirror.

The rat is held by the operator on the instrument unobstructed upper panel in such a way that its tail, placed over a flush mounted window, receives the I.R. energy. The instrument can be conveniently used to stimulate the mouse tail; when requeired, mouse holders are available as optional.

Latency time & Intensity are automatically exported to a memory stick, USB, or serial port. USB Stick & Software included!

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