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Mouse, Rat

Porsolt Forced Swim Test

Product Code:40122/40123
The Porsolt “forced swim test is a rodent behavioral test used for evaluation depressive-like states. Mice are placed in an inescapable transparent tank that is filled with water and their escape related mobility behavior is measured”. The quantification of the swimming mobility behavior can be obtained manually or through a specific module of the ANY-maze software and a simple USB camera.
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This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • Assess the amount of escape behavior vs immobility over a period of time in mice or rats
  • Current models based on over 50 years of expertise and continuous product development.
  • More than 1000 published papers citing ANY-maze in measuring Porsolt and Tail Suspension immobility
  • The current model is fits within the TST sides, to be used as a divider in a “combo” configuration, to save space and money

The gold standard in depression studies on rodents (more than 15,000 citations)

  • Simple and validated
  • Best quality for price
  • Multiple animals at the time with video tracking (> 10 at the time with multiple cameras)
  • Rat and mouse models
  • Compatible with the TST Tail Suspension Test (acting as pool dividers)
  • Works both in manual and automated scoring
  • Automated scoring is achieved through video tracking
  • Compatible with any video tracking
  • Easy to fill in, move, adjust water level and empty
  • Works with both white and dark animals, thanks to the “special grey” color of the background (If TST divider option is purchased)
Embedded drain hose Easy to fill-in, water level adjusting and empty
Hole-shaped handles Easy to move and position
Best quality transparent Perspex Top transparency for best video tracking
Compatible with Tail Suspension Test, also in “Combo” version (Porsolt plus Tail suspension) Allows a low cost, high effectiveness combo system for multiple mice and rat Porsolt and Tail Suspension Test
Extended Warranty “UB-CARE” Full support for up to 4 years, ensuring your experiment continuity and peace of mind





19 cm

29 cm


40 cm

60 cm

Water Max Capacity

11 L

39,5 L



Warranty Sociability are covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration 
UB-Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months

The (Porsolt) forced swim test, is used to test for depression-like behavior in both mice and rats. The test consists in placing a rat or mouse inside a transparent cylinder filled with water. ‘Floating behavior’ (or immobility) is used as a parameter to analyze ‘helplessness” or depression-like behavior. Naïve rats and mice forced to swim in an aversive and confined environment, fight to escape the apparatus and after failing, to escape, they become immobile (i.e. floating), a behavior generally considered as, “depressive-like”.

Porsolt Forced Swim Test


Porsolt forced Swim test large Rats. Immobility Videotracking available on request (60000-FST)


Porsolt forced Swim test for Mice and small Rats. Immobility Videotracking available on request (60000-FST)


Divider for Porsolt Forced Swim test for large Rats


Tail Suspension lid for Porsolt forced swim test for large Rats (need 40122-320)


Divider for Porsolt Forced Swim test for Mice and small Rats


Tail Suspension lid for Porsolt forced swim test for Mice and small Rats (need 40123-320)


ANY-maze for Porsolt and Tail Suspension Test immobility scoring


BW USB camera with 1.8-12 mm day & night varifocal lens

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