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Ugo Basile company

The Ugo Basile name is cited in more than 40,000 peer-reviewed papers. The reason for this is that our devices are “the classic” in most cases and “the brand new” ones in many others. We work with the scientists to transform their ideas into instruments, i.e. successful instruments that also other scientists will benefit from.


Ugo Basile, the founder

Mr. Ugo Basile, the Founder

Our company's roots trace back to 1963 at the Department of Veterinary Physiology, University of Milan. Ugo Basile, this company's founder, was appointed Chief Laboratory Technician for the department in recognition of his expertise in engineering, design, and invention. His skillfulness in creating new apparatus and modifying existing research equipment had become apparent to many researchers at the University, as did the demand for more and varied instruments and Mr. Basile was able to bring together expertise on optics, machining, glass blowing, electromagnetic actuators, and other fields to successfully develop novel instruments for new applications.

Basile inventions

As researchers used his custom equipment, results of experiments using "Basile" inventions were published widely; naturally, word of mouth, dependability, reliability, and innovation became the best advertisement for Mr. Basile's novel devices and instruments. His reputation as a skilled craftsman, an expert in technical design, and a clever inventor began to reach an arena far outside his own department; indeed, word was quickly spreading far beyond the academic setting at the University of Milan. Particularly high demand came from pharmaceutical industry researchers, who focused on analgesic drug development and had a great need for Basile's inventions.

Increasing Demand

By 1964, demand was so large for "Basile" custom instrumentation, that Mr. Basile was led to hire an electronics technician as an assembler, and an experienced mechanic. Quickly, even greater demand for his instruments forced Basile and colleagues to abandon their departmental environs at the University of Milan for a dedicated, well-equipped production facility. Thus, "Basile Works" was born out of this three-man cottage industry, and in 1965 the team relocated to an outside location elsewhere in Milan and assembled a core staff. In the next year, Basile begins a long and fruitful collaboration with an American company known for manufacturing and supplying biomedical research instrumentation for over a century. Basile inventions make their premier at the 1966 FASEB Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and enjoy a welcome reception from this audience.

Increasing demand and diversification of product line compelled Basile to increase in staff and size, to concentrate on the production of families of products. The outgrowth into a major manufacturing facility, and expansion of Basile Works' product line into other biomedical fields, especially behavioral assessment, necessitated more personnel and a larger facility. In the early 1970's, Mr. Basile began the search for a more adequate facility. In 1972, the company (now "Ugo Basile Biological Research Apparatus Company" relocated to a picturesque mountainside factory overlooking Varese Lake, outside the small village of Comerio (in the Lakes District of Northwest Lombardy, an hour by car from Milan).

Basile inventions
Ugo Basile nowadays


In 2007, the Company migrated to the actual facility, a modern and larger premise completely equipped with machine shops, testing facilities, research and development department, software research and development laboratory, shipping, receiving and stock areas, as well as a modern business office and training rooms.

We are ISO 9001 certified!

Ugo Basile quality system is ISO 9001 certified.

Ugo Basile quality policy

Ugo Basile mission is to ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.