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Passive Avoidance - Step Down for Mice (vibrating platform)

Product Code:40570

A classic way to assess short or long-term memory in small laboratory animals (rodents) using a fear-motivated avoidance task. Used routinely in animal model studies of aging and Alzheimer-type dementia, including the search for new therapeutic drugs.

An efficient, reliable instrument for use with mice (or small rats). A silent, automated sliding door divides compartments. Precision 8-pole shocker.

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  • Passive Avoidance Test is used to assess memory function based on the association formed between a specific environmental context, which the animal learns to avoid, and an aversive stimulus, represented by a mild foot shock. 
  • Conduct tests in our two-compartment apparatus, in which one is dimly lit and preferable to a rodent, and the other is brightly lit.


Efficient, flexible, easy to set up and manage

  • Our Passive Avoidance set-up comprises: 
    • A mouse cage with one controller for up to 4 cages.
    • 2 compartments: START which is light and illuminated. ESCAPE, which is dark with a grid floor, connected to a constant-current high precision 8-pole shocker.
    • Silent, automated sliding door dividing compartments. Opens at pre-set delay and enables the latency timer that tracks time of animal crossing.
    • Tilting floor provides a simple and reliable detection mechanism to score the animal’s movement across the two compartments.
    • Versatile Controller with 12” touch-screen for managing your Passive and Active Avoidance tests. 
  • Multiple configurations can be controlled by the large touch-screen.
  • Data is recorded, displayed and stored in the control unit. Transfer test data to your PC using the USB key (supplied) for further processing using Excel, Access, etc. 
  • Optional expansion box (extra) can connect up to 4 cages to the same Controller.
  • Part of the expandable, convenient Beehive Cage-Manager system. Use one touch screen controller to control and manage all of your Ugo Basile cages. Ask for details!
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