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Mouse, Rat

Tail Flick Unit - Thermal stimulation, D'Amour & Smith method

Product Code:37560

Accurately measures the nociceptive threshold to infrared heat stimulus on the rat or mouse tail. Used for rapid screening of analgesic drugs by measuring reaction time to heat, even in anesthetized animals, crucial for repeated tests, thanks to the reflexive nature of the tail flick response.

Adjustable I.R. intensity, bright touch-screen display with intuitive controls. Comfortable surface for the animal. Latency and thermal intensity data are automatically saved.

This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • Performs rapid precise screening of analgesic drugs via heat stimulation according to D’Amour & Smith method.
  • More than 3,000 citations of our Tail Flick unit in published papers. 
  • Market leading device is the most used and validated worldwide.

Easy use, excellent reproducibility

  • Works by focusing radiant energy of adjustable intensity on the animal tail (using an embodied parabolic mirror). 
  • Operator holds the animal on a comfortable, flat, unobstructed surface. 
  • Optional inclined mouse restrained is available to ensure flat tail position on surface (to compensate for mouse tendency to hold tail upwards).
  • When the animal flicks its tail in response to the pain, the sensor detects it, stops the timer and switches off the bulb.
  • Reaction time (latency) and light intensity data are saved automatically to the unit, USB key (supplied) or “one-touch” export to your PC.
  • Features a bright graphical touch screen with intuitive controls for easy use.
  • Easy start, convenient foot pedal switch for excellent reproducibility.
  • Includes Xpad software.


Tail-flick is scored automatically or manually Precise score, free of human variability and flexibility
Fully controlled by a 4.3" touch screen Ultra-intuitive menus and bright colors for ease of use
USB memory key and software are included Works as a stand-alone or connected to the PC
No protruding elements and unobstructed surface Work confortably and get excellent reproducibility
Radiant energy can be calibrated with optional Radiometer   Arbitrary units can be converted and lamp usage compensated
Command input and read-out 4.3" colour touch screen
Power requirements Universal input 100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, 50W
Sound Level <54db
Operating Environment 10°C to 40°C, 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)



Data export .csv format via USB key
Start Experiment Via pedal switch or via start icon on the touch screen (or via TTL)
Stop Experiment Via pedal switch,  start icon on the touch screen, cut-off (or via TTL)
Measurement mode Manual (foot-switch) or automatic (fiber optic)
I.R. Intensity Adjustable in the interval 01-99 (in one digit steps)
Latency Time Displayed on the graphic display, in 0.1s steps
Cut-off Function Adjustable from 5 to 30 seconds
Data Portability  Via USB pen-drive provided
Calibration Via appropriate I.R. Radiometer (not included)
TTL/IO Available as input or output



Total Weight 2.8Kg
Shipping Weight 3Kg approx.
Dimensions 37.5(w) x38.5 (d) x 13 (h) cm (assembled)
Packing Dimensions 46x35x28cm



Warranty Tail Flick Unit is covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration.
UB-Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months

The Tail Flick Unit basically consists of an IR source, whose radiant energy of adjustable intensity is focused by an embodied parabolic mirror on the animal tail. 

The animal is held by the operator on the instrument unobstructed upper panel in such a way that its tail, placed over a flush mounted window, receives the IR energy. The operator starts the stimulus and the related reaction-time counter by the pedal switch or by the touch-screen start button. When the animal feels pain and flicks its tail, a sensor detects it, stops the reaction time counter and switches off the bulb. The reaction time of the animal is thus automatically determined to the nearest 0.1 second.

(unless the manual score option is activated, in which case it is the scientist to stop the counter by pressing the footswitch).

37560 Tail Flick Unit
37560-001 Tail Flick Main Unit
37215-303 Pedal Switch
E-AU 101 USB Pen Drive



37360-325 Mouse Holder (25mm I.D.)
37360-330 Mouse Holder (30mm I.D.)
37300 Heat-Flux I.R. Radiometer for calibration
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