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Mouse, Rat

Activity Cage - Spontaneous Activity for Mice and Rats

Product Code:47420-

Enables recording of spontaneous locomotor activity in rats and mice (individual or groups) using infrared (I.R.) beams. General activity can be an indicator of drug action, toxic substances, neurological damage, or daily rhythms in activity.

Tracks horizontal and vertical activity (rearing). Easily integrated with video-tracking system to measure XY position. Easy touch-buttons, graphic display. High throughput with up to 6 cages monitored by the same electronic unit.

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This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • Measures horizontal and vertical activity in rats and mice, useful in the following types of investigations:
    • General Toxicology for ascertaining the action of a drug 
    • Psychopharmacology for screening drugs which are potentially active on the CNS 
    • Behavioral Sciences for evaluating the variations of spontaneous activity after changes in environmental conditions.


Horizontal and vertical movements, complete set up

  • Movement is tracked by beam breaks as the animal crosses one or more I.R. beam/s in the cage. 
  • Horizontal and vertical movements are recorded unobtrusively and saved to the electronic unit (stand-alone controller). 
  •  Easily integrated with video tracking system to measure rearing XY position.
  • The I.R. beams are arranged in an array of emitters on one side of the cage, detectors on another. The upper IR array that monitors vertical or rearing activity is height-adjustable. 
  • The activity data are displayed at pre-set time intervals and printed/routed to the computer according to the selected configuration. The data can be customized by adding animal and experiment numbers, gender, etc.
  • The experiment is configured using touch buttons and graphic display.
  • Print data in a convenient format using an embedded printer for GLP.
  • Customize experiment data by adding animal & experiment numbers, gender, etc.
  • The Activity Cage includes:
    • Electronic unit with embedded printer
    • An animal cage of clear Perspex, 40x40cm
    • Two sets of emitter/sensor arrays for horizontal and vertical activity 
    • Thermal printer 
    • Serial port, plus serial to USB adaptor, for PC connection
    • Software
  • Add up to 5 extra cages for high throughput. The electronic unit processes data up to 6 cages. 
  • Open-field cages are also available in different dimensions and colors. Ask for details.



IR photocells arrays of adjustable height

Same instrument for rats and mice

2 pairs of IR photocells arrays

Measure locomotion and rearing

Embedded printer, memory and software

GLP compliant, stand-alone or PC-connected 




Via “soft keys”


Via command keyboard on the electronic unit


Printing machine, PC, Display


Incorporated thermal Printer

Power Requirement

115 or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25W max.

Sound Level

< 60 dB (A)

Operating Temperature

18° to 40° C

Connection to PC

Through DELTA 9-pin connector, USB


Electronic Unit Dimensions


Animal Cage Dimensions


Electronic Unit Weight

2.7Kg  – Electronic Unit

Animal Cage with sensors


Shipping Weight


Shipping Dimensions



Warranty Activity Cage is covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration
UB-Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months


Activity Cages are useful to record spontaneous coordinate activity in rats and mice (individual or groups) and variations of this activity in time, e.g., in the following types of investigations: 

  • General toxicology, in ascertaining the action of a drug on the animal’s activity, especially if it is subjected to chronic treatment 
  • Psychopharmacology, in screening drugs which are potentially active on the central nervous system
  • Behavioral Sciences, in evaluating the variations of spontaneous activity after changes in environmental conditions
47420 Multiple Activity Cage
7441 Microprocessor controlled Electronic Unit, for single cage operation
7433 Animal Cage, including transparent cage, lid, base with supporting rods, catch pan and connection cable
7435 Set of Horizontal Sensors (emitter/receiver), complete with connection cable
7436 Set of Vertical Sensors, (emitter/receiver), complete with connection cable
37400-305 Package of 10 Heat-Sensitive Paper Rolls (2 rolls are provided)
52010-320 USB to serial port converter
E AU 101 USB Key including instruction manual and software
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