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GSM Grip-Strength Meter for mice and rats Featured

The Ugo Basile Grip-Strength Meter automatically measures grip-strength (i.e. peak force and time resistance) of forelimbs and - via the optional grid - hindlimbs in rats and mice. The effects of drugs, toxins, muscle relaxants, disease, ageing or neural damage on muscle strength may be assessed.

The Grip Strength test is a perfect complement to the gold standard Ugo Basile Rota-Rod device for motor coordination and motor function experiments. The effects of drugs, toxins, muscle relaxants, disease, ageing or neural damage on muscle strength may be assessed.

Our device is sold with full optional, including all available grasping tools and grasping grids, and the software.

The animal is placed over a base plate, in front of a grasping bar (either T-shaped or trapeze-shaped, or the optinoal grid), whose height is adjustable. The grasping tool is fitted to a force sensor connected to the Peak Amplifier, which guarantees a reliable and automated detection of the animal response. The force transducer has a maximum applicable force of 1500g, with a resolution 0.1g.

The device can be used as a standalone or connected to a PC via the USB port, for monitoring and data recording: in fact, our GSM comes standard with both a control unit with internal memory where a number of data can be saved, and the new DCA software for signal monitoring, data transfer and analysis. Once saved, data can be browsed on the control unit and/or trasferred to a PC in proprietary , plus Excel (.xlps) or text (.txt) format, to be managed by most statistical analysis packages available on the market.

The Ratemeter (controller) and Slope (software) features, help the researcher to verify that the desired force is applied at a consistent rate

The transducer incorporates a proprietary memory chip to store all calibration parameters, so that no calibration is required for normal use; moreover, the controller will prompt to auto-zeroing routine at every measurement to automatically adjust any offset.

In alternative to the standard plastic grasping grids, a metal grid 13x11cm is also available as optional, Cat. No. 47200-327.

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