Pain and inflammation
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Von Frey Hairs, Semmes-Weinstein set of monofilaments

The Aesthesio® set of 20 monofilaments is based on the Semmes Weinstein monofilament set, but now features retrac­table head to protect the filament and allow the evaluator to carry a few around in a pocket. Used for evaluating cutaneous sensation levels. One of the most popular non-invasive techniques used.

The filaments are individually calibrated to deliver a target force, from 0.008 grams to 300 grams.

Rodents exhibit a paw withdrawal reflex when the paw is unexpectedly touched. The Aesthesio filaments can be used on the Plantar surfaces of the foot of a rat or mouse, and the animal will indicate sensation by pulling back its paw.

A metal platform, where laser-cut perforations form a mesh-like open grid of square holes ~5X5mm can be very useful when testing the rodent plantar surface, and is available as optional.  Intervening metal grid is approximately 1mm wide, comfortable to the animal and easy to view the target area of the paw.  The platform is coated with a polymer resin that is easy to clean and which will not be spoiled by fluids or waste materials. 

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