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I.R. Heat-Flux Radiometer for Tail Flick and Plantar Test

The Heat-Flux Radiometer Cat. 37300 was designed to calibrate I.R. sources, in particular the Ugo Basile Tail Flick and Plantar Test, to make sure they deliver the same power flux (expressed in mW per square cm) and hence a nociceptive stimulus of the same intensity.

The standard package of this extremely useful accessory is complete with I.R. Probe, Digital Meter, Adaptors for Tail Flick and Plantar Test. All parts of this portable self-sufficient instrument neatly lodged in a sturdy plastic case with punched foam lining.

The 37300 Radiometer enables the experimenter to check (and adjust, if necessary) the I.R. emission. In fact the I.R. output of the Tail-Flick/Plantar Test may, over the course of one-two years, undergo to 2-3 % reduction, due to dust gathered on the optics, darkening of the I.R. bulb, accidental knocks, aging of components due to thermal cycles, etc. Moreover, if the bulb is replaced or the electronics serviced, output alteration of more significant magnitude, say, 8-10%, may take place.

Knowing the I.R. energy (1mW for the duration of 1s corresponds to 1mJ) in absolute terms, is a useful datum to compare with any equal or different method/instrument described in the literature.

Additional Info

    Calibrate IR emission of Tail Flick and Plantar Test The same instrument to calibrate two IR-emitting devices
    Provides a measure of stimulus intensity in mW/cm2 Assures that IR emission of all instruments is at the same level


    Switching ON/OFF via slide-switch located on the meter
    Read-out 3-digit display
    Power Requirement 9V battery
    Operating Temperature 10° to 40° C
    Sound Level none
    Pollution Degree ≤ 2
    Total Weight 2Kg (of the complete set plus the containing case)
    Shipping Weight 3.2Kg approx.
    Dimensions 37x32x11(h)cm (dimensions of the case)
    Packing Dimensions 46x38x27cm
    Warranty 37300 is covered by a 24-month warranty.













    The design of a simple and reliable I.R. Radiometer has been made possible by the availability of miniature flat “temperature gradient sensors”, whose out-put signal is proportional to the temperature difference between their top and bottom surface.

    37300 I.R. HEAT-FLUX RADIOMETER, standard package
    37300-001 Heat-Flux Meter, complete with 9V battery
    37300-002 Heat-Flux Probe, complete with cable/connector
    37300-302 Instruction Manual
    37300-320 Probe Guard Cover
    37300-321 Adaptor for Tail-Flick
    37300-322 Adaptor for Plantar Test
    37300-323 Instrument Case

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