Miscellaneous, ECT, LMD
Code: 57145


The  Mini-Printer 57145, lodged in an attractive cabinet of original design, connects directly to Ugo Basile microprocessor-controlled instruments via the connection cables provided.

The MiniPrinter is a compact thermal array device, which prints on its 58 mm wide paper the experimental data generated by the instrument to which it is connected:

  • 37140 Plethysmometer 
  • 37360 Tail flick Unit 
  • 37370 Plantar Test 
  • 37450 Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer
  • 43000 Rotometer
  • and old versions of Hot Plate (35100 and 7280) and Rota-Rod (47600 and 47700)

When linked to the instrument the MiniPrinter switches on automatically when the instrument is switched on. The MiniPrinter does not require any mains cord: it drains the minimum power it needs from the instrument to which it is linked, via the data transmitting cable.

Additional Info

    Dimensions 25(w)x26(d)x12(h)cm
    Weight 0.9Kg
    Shipping Weight 5Kg
    Packing Dimensions 45x34x26cm
    Warranty 57145 is covered by a 24-month warranty






    Specifically designed for connection to Ugo Basile devices, for data printout.

    57145 MiniPrinter, complete with standard accessories
    57145-320 10-to-10 Connection Cable
    57145-321 20-to-20 Connection Cable
    37400-305 Package of 10 Heat-Sensitive Paper Rolls
    E-AU 041

    USB pen drive, including:

    57145-302    Instruction Manual