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Product Code:35590
The Romanosky-holder, invented at the Erlangen University (DE), has been designed with the aim to facilitate the blood sampling and/or injection in the tail vessel.
This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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Romanovsky-holder are an innovative way to restrainer mice with unique features.

Made in solid and thick black aluminium ensure a fast thermal transfer of the holder temperature to the mouse body, maintaining it for a considerable amount of time.

This achieve the following goals:

  • Animals are prone to enter the restrainer spontaneously where they found an obscure and hot shelter, so no more difficulties in pushing animal in, specially if you warm-up the holder and place it on a illuminated table.
  • Animal body can be en warmed by the holder temperature to dilate the tail vessel, making injection and blood sample much more easy.

Just immerse the restrainer in 30°C hot water before let the mouse in; the aluminium will fast warm up and will maintain the temperature for long. Furthermore, thanks to its design, the Romanovsky-holder allows the tail to be fully visible, including the last part of the hairy skin on the tail.

The black coloured restrainer, closed and warm, represent an ideal shelter for the animal.

The adjustable conical front muzzle makes easy to adapt the restrainer to the mouse size and the bottom closing door can be placed using just one hand, while not having screws or knobs.

Main body, muzzle and bottom door with tail slot all made in black aluminum When immersed in hot water, fast and easily heat up to 30 °C. Black and easy to warm up, Romanovsky-Holder represents for the mouse the ideal den to escape from open area and feel sheltered
Designed by a researcher for researchers Once in the heated restrainer, the animal warms up and the tail vein expands making the sampling and injection operation extremely easy
Adjustable and easy to close The conical muzzle holder is easy to adjust and the aluminum bottom door can be easily closed with one hand
Material Black anodized aluminum (main body, muzzle and tail flapper)
Outer diameter 55 mm
Inner diameter 30 mm
Length 100 mm
Weight 0.45 Kg
Shipping Weight 0.9 Kg
Packing dimensions 26 x 25 x 12.5 cm

Romanovsky-Holders are used by the researcher to restrain mice, to facilitate injections and blood sampling.

Romanovsky Holder
 35590 Romanovsky-Holder
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