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Mouse, Rat

Stereotaxic Instruments from Stoelting

Product Code:51600

For stereotaxic surgery using rats or other small animals. Can be used to locate targets for implantation of devices, stimulation or injections.

Smooth, consistent movements with rapid positioning. Time-proven 'U'-Frame design provides stability and adaptability. Integrated warming base can be activated for better surgical outcomes.

This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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Classic, versatile, reliable

  • A classic, versatile, reliable instrument for stereotaxic procedures with rats and other small animals. It has set the standard in research labs for nearly 5 decades.
  • The time-proven 'U'-Frame design provides stability and adaptability while the instrument's exclusive, triple-lead screws allow for smooth, consistent movements with rapid positioning.
  • Includes a 100 micron 3-axes, left-hand manipulator arm, rat adaptor, traditional (18˚) ear bars, and corner clamp probe holder.
  • Precision alignment ensures accurate placement of electrodes, micropipettes, and other devices.
  • Large, easy to read vernier scales are laser engraved — accurate to 100 microns.
  • Gas anesthesia compatible.
  • East to clean and disinfect, durable surface.
  • Integrated warming base. Add a Stoelting Rodent Warmer Control Box to use this functionality. Maintains body temperature throughout surgical procedures for improved outcomes:
    • Homeothermic with or without rectal thermal probe
    • Pre-set animal temperatures, or set your own
    • 25-45⁰C temperature range
  • Stereotaxic instruments available in dual, ultra-precise, digital or motorized models.


Sleek, Compact Design

32% Reduced footprint when compared to Classic Lab Standard

Easy to clean and disinfect base

Includes both 18° and 45° Ear Bars

100 Micron Vernier scale –3-axis


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