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Mouse, Rat

LUX Infrared Illuminator

Product Code:LUX70/LUX100
Category: Mazes, Tracking

The LUX Infrared (IR) illuminator allows for illumination from below of all the Ugo Basile IR mazes, which are made of an IR translucent plastic. This has the double advantage of: making experiments in the darkness easy and enhancing the contrast for better detection, no matter the animal color

The lux is available in 3 sizes, it guarantees a uniform illumination and incorporates IR light intensity knob. These sizes allow all Ugo Basile mazes to be positioned over the LUX and run extremely high-contrast video-tracking experiments.

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Mice and rats do act differently in dim light vs complete darkness (as one can do with back-lit IR light) and this is an interesting area of research

Video-tracking may struggle when the level of contrast between the animal and the background is very low and in addition, the lab light may influence experiments. Backlighting solves both problems.

Designed for best Video-tracking performance and Dark Experiments

  • The Ugo Basile LUX system is a research-grade device specifically designed to work with Ugo Basile IR mazes and provide the best contrast with any video-tracking software
  • The intensity of the IR light is adjustable and offers a homogeneous illumination of all the maze area, with no shadows or sources of inaccuracy
  • No ambient light is needed for experiments in complete darkness
IR illumination from below  No shadows
Possibility to work in the darkness with no light gradient
Same results irrespective of fur colour
Multiple cage system Perfect contrast

The LUX illuminator is applicable to all the Ugo Basile mazes, therefore its applications range from Open Field, to Elevated or Zero Mazes, Y-mazes, T-mazes, Radial mazes, both for mice and rats.

The procedure is very simple, as the device has an on/off button and a knob to adjust the intensity. Once the desired intensity has been set, the video-tracking can start and will easily follow the animal’s position thanks to the unbeatable contrast level.

All animals will look black vs the white background, so also the colour of the fur does not represent a matter of concern.

LUX Infrared Illuminator
LUX70 LUX 70 - IR illuminator for backlight video tracking
LUX100 LUX 100 - IR illuminator for backlight video tracking
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IR-transparent mazes for video-tracking

Ugo Basile Infrared transparent mazes offer the highest contrast for the best video-tracking performance, empowering your behavioral experiments.