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Mouse, Rat

Circular Pools for Morris Water Maze Test

Product Code:40105/40125/40155/40185
Category: Mazes, Tracking

A test for spatial learning and long-term memory in rodents. For research into neurocognitive disorders and treatments, aging, drug-abuse, neural systems, neurotransmitters, and brain development.

High quality, strong and low weight. Embedded wheels for easy movement. Easy to drain and clean. Add optional Atlantis System to extend test capabilities.

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  • “Water maze" test was developed by Richard Morris as a test of spatial learning for rodents. It relies on distal cues to navigate from start locations around the perimeter of an open swimming arena (in opaque water) to locate a submerged escape platform.
  • Search-to-platform area determines the degree of reliance on spatial versus non-spatial strategies. 
  • Use video tracking software for measurements such as total distance swum, thigmotaxis duration, velocity, latency to platform, time spent in quadrants.

 High quality, easy to move, easy to clean

  • Made with high quality alimentary-grade fiberglass selected for its high strength, durability, low weight and easy cleanability. Easy to move and store pool with embedded wheels.
  • Easy to empty. Water drain is positioned below the tank.
  • Add optional Atlantis System to enable automated lifting and lowering of platforms for easy operation. Allows continuous testing during removal or repositioning of up to 4 platforms.
  • Optional heater/circulator available. Uses anti-rust components. 230V-50Hz only.
  • Water mazes are 60cm high (from bottom floor to edge) and are available in the following standard diameters:
    • 100cm (mice)
    • 120cm (mice)
    • 150cm (mice and rats)
    • 180cm (rats)
    • Custom sizes on request
  • Available in white, unless another color is requested (blue, grey, black, etc.).
  • Monitor subjects with a video tracking system such as ANY-maze that is placed directly above the water tank as rodents swim.
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