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Mouse, Rat
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T-Maze for Mice and Rats - Optimized for Video-Tracking

Product Code:40132/40133
Category: Mazes, Tracking

Widely used to measure preference and spatial memory and learning tasks in laboratory animals. The simple T-shape design provides a single choice point with only two alternatives. Especially for CNS disorder studies.

High quality maze with rat and mouse versions. Provides optimal results with video tracking software (high contrast, non reflective). Surface texture selected for rodent comfort. Easy to set up, easy to clean.

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This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • Animals learn to alternate between arms based on their memory of the previously visited arms or choose an arm based on the reward presented. 


Durable, optimized for video tracking and rodent comfort

  • High quality, easy to assemble. All materials are selected to be sturdy for reliability and durability.
  • Perspex walls fit solidly in the slotted metal base, but can be easily and quickly detached for easy cleaning and storage.
  • A movable door is provided with the maze, to create a start compartment. This can be removed when the test starts. 
  • Engineered by Ugo Basile to optimize video tracking success through our use of high contrast, non-reflective surfaces:
    • Selection of high-contrast colors for optimal motion tracking: grey, white, black, (Ugo Basile) light-blue or custom.
    • Use of non-reflective, anti-glare surface. Reflections and glare are a common source of error in video tracking. We avoid this!
  • Two sizes are available, for either mice or rats. The mouse T-Maze, has a 35cm long stem and two 30cm long arms that are 5cm wide and 15cm tall. The rat model has a 50cm long stem, and two 40cm long arms that are 10cm wide and 20cm tall. Different wall height is available on request.



High-contrast colors Gives optimal results with any Video-Tracking software
Non-reflecting surface Guarantees optimal camera view and no glare
Ample color selection Available in grey (standard), blue, white, black, custom color
Reasonably rough “warm” surface texture Selected for best rodent comfort, non-slippery
Quality materials Reliable and durable mazes, easy to clean and store 


Animal 40132 Rat 40133 Mouse
Short Arm Lenght 50 cm 35 cm

Long Arm Length

90 cm

65 cm

Width 10 cm 5 cm

Wall Height

20 cm

15 cm

Standard color

Grey (RAL GR7001)

Grey (RAL GR7001)

Available colors

Blue, white, black, color on request

Blue, white, black, color on request




Shipping Weigh



Packing Dimensions





Warranty T-Maze is covered by a 12-month warranty + 12 after product registration
UB-Care Additional UB-Care can be added for other 12 or 24 months



In behavioral science, a T-maze (or the variant Y-maze) is a simple maze used in animal cognition experiments. It is shaped like the letter T (or Y), providing the subject, typically a rodent, with a straightforward choice. T-mazes are used to study how the rodents function with memory and spatial learning through applying various stimuli. The different tasks, such as left-right discrimination and forced alternation, are mainly used with rodents to test reference and working memory.
In a range of various mazes of differing sizes and many shapes, the T-maze is one of the most simple, consisting of just two turns - right or left. The maze is only able to be altered by blocking one of the two paths.




T-Maze for Rats

40132-D01 T-Maze for Rats with higher walls


T-Maze for Mice




Movable door (manual) for Rat T-Maze, included in standard package


Movable door (manual) for Mouse T-Maze, included in standard package


ANY-maze Software


B/W USB Camera, including day&night 2.8-12.0mm varifocal lens, 5m USB cable and ceiling support

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