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NAT Device - Wireless EEG Recordings in Rodents Featured

The “NAT” (Neural Activity Tracker) is a multi-purpose data sensing and recording device that is extremely small, lightweight, and enables data acquisition for days to weeks, dependent upon programmable settings.

The NAT is a versatile and very compact device and its use for EEG and sleep studies, local field potential recording and behaviorally relevant event-related brain activity is proven.

It is a 4-Channel, wireless, 1KSa/sec Biosignal Data Recorder with 3-D Accelerometer and Infra-red Time/Event stamp Function. 

It’s miniaturized size, 18x22mm, less than 10mm in height (primarily due to the battery module, as the major part of the device has a profile of less than 4mm), and light weight, less than 2.2grams, makes it attractive in applications where regulatory constraints apply (mice).

The NAT device comprises of 3 key components – an on board flash memory, a proprietary CPU and a proprietary MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) device for accelerometer. An optional infra-red time/event-code recording board can be easily added to the device to allow alignment of behavioral events with the EEG recording.

The NAT’s main features are:


  • Robustness and reliability
  • On-board clock (calibration/synchronisation with ext devices)
  • Reliable battery fitting (zinc-air cell)
  • Large 4GB memory (optional 8GB)
  • Programmable sample frequency
  • Advanced accelerometer for 3D movement detection
  • Infra-red Time/Eventstamp Function (optional)
  • On-board functionality indicator (LED)
  • Programmable start function for delayed onset
  • Recording of 2x2 channels via independent ground
  • Refreshable memory
  • Programmable AC input range p to +/-3.75mV; band pass filter 0.3-500Hz

Data Handling & analysis:

  • Connector compatible with USB2 for download
  • Connector compatible with USB2 for download
  • Accelerated data download (single/multi-device docking station
  • Easy data transfer (to Excel or similar), multiple/flexible data formats (incl. txt and csv format) 
  • Link to existing data analysis software


A specially designed gold-plated metal holder houses a single zinc-air cell: such cells are widely used in hearing aids, hence commercially available and easily replaced by the user. These batteries have an active power-delivery life-span up to two weeks allowing for long-duration continuous power. Battery replacement is easy and can be done by the user!

Optional I.R. Data-Coder

This extremely small add-on allows recording of an infrared pulse code along-side the analogue channels and accelerometer. 

Docking Station & Data Handling

The NAT device is provided with a single-channel docking station, including software, for download of data from flash via USB. A multiple docking station will soon be available. Once downloaded, the data are available for further processing in .txt, .csv and edf standard!

Help and Advice

Help and AdviceThanks to the cooperation with the University of Aberdeen,via multidisciplinary expertise we are available toprovide user-defined solutions for electrophysiologicalapplications, including:l Neuroscience / Behaviour / Electrophysiologyl Experimental (disease) modelsl Surgical proceduresl Equipmentvalidationl Data Analysis


Additional Info



    Weight 2.2g , 18mm x 23mm

    Ideal for Mice

    3-axis accelerometer

    for 3D movement detection

    IR Time Stamping (optional)

    Allows alignment of behavioral events with the EEG recording

    Large 4GB memory (optional 8GB)

    No wires, no antenna, long recording time

    4 channels, 1kHZ SA/s, 12 bit resolution

    1KSa/sec Biosignal Data Recorder

    Connector compatible with USB2  

    Easy data download

    Data Download Software included

    Facilitated data handling and analysis

    Reliable battery fitting (zinc-air cell)

    Battery replacement is easy and can be done by the






    Analogue inputs



    Bits per channel recorded






    Bits per Accel. Axis 8 bits



    Sample rate (max)


    Sa/Sec x 4 ch

    Data Capacity

    4 or 8 (optional)


    Recording Time

    72 hours

    at 250Sa/s


    48 hours

    at 500Sa/s


    18 hours

    at 1000Sa/s

    Analogue Resolution



    Select. Analogue mV range

    +/- 0.75, +/-1.75, +/-3.75


    Accelerometer range

    Selectable G (G-force)

    2 or 8

    Accelerometer sensitivity


    mG at 2G range



    mG at 8G range







    <2.2grams including battery


    24 months

    Biosignal data acquisition & recording is becoming increasingly important in many applications, such as Biomedical and Neuroscience.

    The use of devices to record EEG (Electroencephalography) is of particular interest. Traditionally, these measurements are taken with tethered devices in the clinic, are short lasting and conducted in artificial settings.

    The ability to perform ambulatory monitoring of subjects provides the possibility of long-term data capture of bio-parameters in a normal living-condition or work-place. This has been an aim for many decades. In animals, these are difficult to reproduce and freely moving rodents/mammals are spatially limited to small arenas.

    The “NAT” (Neural Activity Tracker) is a multipurpose data sensing and recording device that is extremely small, lightweight, and enables data acquisition for days to weeks, dependent upon programmable settings.

    The NAT is a versatile and very compact device and its use for EEG and sleep studies, local field potential recording and behaviorally relevant event-related brain activity is proven.


    NAT Device


    Optional IR Module


    Docking Station, including 55100-010 Data Download Software

    Multiple System packs are also available

    We offer accessories for EEG implantation and recording as additional package of support, including screws, wire, connectors, dummies, batteries.

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