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Mouse, Rat

MouseOx Plus Pulse Oximeter for Mice and Rats

Product Code:MouseOx
Category: Blood pressure

Patented non-invasive vital signs monitor. Measures heart rate, arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2), breath rate, and temperature (optional) of anesthetized and conscious small laboratory animals of various sizes.

Clinically validated and cited in a range of published studies including respiratory, neonatal, hypertension and brain injury.

This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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Non-invasive, flexible, MRI compatible

  • Non-invasively measure up to 7 parameters without invasive surgical procedures including real–time measurements of arterial O2 saturation, heart rate, breath rate, temperature, pulse distention, breath distention and activity in conscious and anesthetized rodents
  • Can be used on mice, rats and other small animals (for example small neonatal mice, large adult rats, guinea pigs and ferrets) with a pulse rate of 90 – 900 BPM.
  • Monitor both anesthetized and conscious subjects using special sensors and software modules allow you to
  • MRI compatible. Monitor your subject’s health during MRI imaging using the MRI sensor.
  • Monitor up to 16 individual animals by adding the optional Multiplexer.
  • USB plug-and-play technology to quickly and easily turn your Windows-based computer into a physiological, real-time monitor.
  • The MouseOx Plus has multiple sensors available to monitor or record measurements on both conscious and anesthetized mice, rats and other small animals. Two sensors are included free of charge with each MouseOx Plus System. Select from CollarClip™, ThroatClip™ , Mouse Thigh sensor and Rat Foot Sensor.

Simple non-invasive sensor clips for mice and rats 

Monitor data in real time while recording 

USB plug-and-play, user-friendly interface

High accuracy at heart rates up to 900 BPM

Works on neonates through adults


- Immediate responding, beat-by-beat measurements

- High accuracy at heart rates up to 900 BPM and breath rates up to 600 BrPM

- Drawing of blood is not required for any reason

- Simple non-invasive sensor clip enables quick and easy attachment to the subject

- USB plug-and-play technology easily turns your Windows based PC into a low cost physiologic monitor

- Monitor data in real-time, while recording to a file

- Experiment event markers allow the user to mark important events in the data file   

- Enhanced signal processing ability improves response to the motion of conscious subjects

NOTE: manufacturer's warranty on MouseOx and accessories is limited to 12 months

Arterial Saturation The amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in mice, rats, and other small animals.
Heart Rate Able to measure small animals with heart rates of 90 – 900 bpm.
Breath Rate Provides breathing rate using the same sensor
Pulse Distension Change in arteries at the Sensor site due to a heart beat
Breath Distension Change in arteries at the sensor site sue to breathing
Temperature Monitor subject core body temperature using the temperature probe
Activity Monitoring gross motion of a subject over a period of time
SpO2 range 0-100%
Works on Conscious Subjects Yes
Flags Corrupt Measurements with Error Codes Yes
Ambient Light Cancellation Yes
Noise resistance Yes
Peer-Reviewed Clinical Validation Yes
Vital Sign Parameters Heart rate, breath rate, SpO2, pulse distention, breath distention
Available Sensors Mouse thigh, mouse paw, mouse collar, mouse throat, rat foot, rat collar, rat throat. Sized neonate-adult
Sensor Site Preparation None if using mouse paw or rat foot. If using collar or throat sensors and animal has dark fur, fur must be removed at sensor site
MRI Sensor Availability Yes - Tested and verified to work in up to 14t environment
Third-party Sensor Compatibility No, MouseOx was designed from the ground up specifically for use in mice and rats
Sensor Longevity Recommended replacement after 100 hours, however user dependent
Plethysomgraphic Waveform Display Yes
Real-time data acquisition, display, recording Yes
015000 MouseOxPlus System, Operation 110V
015001 MouseOxPlus System, Operation 230V
015007 Premium Monitoring & Recording Software
015017 MRI Module, including Software, 20’ Sensor with 15’ Copper Wire and 5’ Fiber Optic, 2 Mouse Thigh Clips, 2 Rat Foot Clips
015002 Conscious Applications Module
CollarClip™ available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL size
ThroatClip™ available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL size
Mouse Thigh sensor available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL size
Rat Foot Sensor available in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL size
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