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NEW Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer (DPA) for mechanical stimulation Spécial

NEW Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer NEW Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer

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- Maximum Force is 100g (formerly 50g) with optional manual scoring

- Touching force and touching pause adjustable parameters (to control the stimulus approaching phase)

- TTL I/O for trigger input and output and embedded hard disk so that the USB key is used for data export/import only

The Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer was designed to automate the assessment of “touch sensitivity” on the plantar surface of rats or mice and comes ready with all necessary accessories to work with both Mice and Rats. 

At each paw withdrawal, the Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer (DPA) automatically detects and records latency time, and actual force at the time of paw withdrawal reflex. A movable force actuator is positioned below the plantar surface of the animal and the desired force and force speed (ramp) is applied, as preset by the operator. A Von Frey–type 0.5mm rigid filament exerts increasing force, until the animal twitches its paw.  

The DPA encompasses:
  • a movable touch-stimulator unit, well proven in previous model, complete with filament actuator and adjustable angled-mirror
  • a microprocessor controlled electronic unit, of new design provided with graphic display, internal memory for data storage, USB key and optional printer
  • a large testing surface (perforated metal platform)
  • a new modular animal enclosure, offering from 3 to 12 spaces, convenient to hold rats and mice

Data may be easily ported to the memory stick or directly to computer.

The Ugo Basile Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer 37550 is the quickest and most accurate way of delivering a mechanical stimulation and measuring a response, all automatically.

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