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Ventilators anesthesia

Ventilators Anesthesia

Animal experiments are necessary for a better understanding of diseases and for developing new therapeutic strategies. The mouse (Mus musculus) is currently the most popular laboratory animal in biomedical research. Experimental procedures on animals often require anesthesia and/or analgesia to obtain adequate immobilization and to reduce stress or pain.

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  • Animal

    A positive pressure pump (according to Starling's Ventilator method) for mice. Assists with breathing during anesthesia and surgery or when an animal has an injury or illness that requires respiratory support.

    Highly accurate, rate displayed digitally, quiet, durable, high quality, long lifetime. Up to 300 strokes/min. Optimizes oxygenation by minimizing dead space. Range of...

    Mouse, Rat

    Provides and easy to use means of immobilizing an animal for surgery or procedures such as imaging. Gas Anesthesia (compared to injections) is a very quick way to induce total unconsciousness and also assists fast recovery.

    High quality compact, modular and virtually unbreakable system. Reliable and precise delivery of the anesthetic gas to animals. Expandable system providing...

    Mouse, Rat

    A warmer to provide external heat to animals undergoing surgery. Helps to maintain near-normal body temperature for improved surgical outcomes (such as fewer adverse cardiac events and reduced blood loss).

    Preprogrammed animal temperatures, easy-to-use control, lightweight with small footprint. Select Rodent Warmer X2 for simultaneous control of 2 independent heating pads.

  • Animal
    Mouse, Rat

    Evaluates the spasm-inducing effect of drugs. Typically assesses the effect of bronchodilation agents. Also used for screening substances inducing opposite effects.

    Simple, reliable and fast method to assess airflow resistance. High precision recording of volume. Available as a complete set up with a rodent ventilator and data acquisition system.

    Mouse, Rat, Other

    Convenient, cost-effective solution to confine rodents and small animals for anesthesia procedures.

    Models available in 2 sizes – smaller model for rodents and larger model for rabbits and similarly sized animals. Clear Perspex with a sliding lid. Quick connection to anesthesia or euthanasia systems using the 2 tubing connectors.