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Mouse, Rat

Metabolic Cage - Basic model, separates rodent's urine & faeces

Product Code:41700

Untainted, reliable samples enabled by a unique funnel and cone design that effectively separates rodent feces and urine into tubes outside the cage.

Collection tubes are easy to remove and the process will not disturb the animals.

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Simple system, untainted samples, undisturbed rodents

  • Carefully engineered metabolic cages, manufactured by Tecniplast. There is no urine wash over and no potential for urine to enter the feces tube. Separation is immediate and complete.
  • All components below the cage floor are removable without disturbing or upsetting the test animals, thus preventing behavioral artifacts. Easy to remove feeder drawer. Unlock collection tubes with a single twist.
  • Designed for simplicity of operation and total part interchangeability. 
  • High quality materials for low adherence and durability. 
  • Practical with few pieces to assemble the cage. All components can be easily washed and autoclaved.
  • Flexibility for housing rodents. By changing just a few components (feeders and floor grids), the cage is adaptable to house animals of different sizes/weights.
  • Four models are available for either rats or mice. Dimensions comply with current USA animal welfare regulations. Each cage comprises:
    • Upper Chamber, made of smooth, gnaw-proof materials, a Feeder Chamber, located outside the cage. Size discourages rodent nesting or sleeping inside. The drawer slides out for easy filling without disturbing the animal
    • Collection funnel and separating cone, unique design and non-wetting PMP ensure immediate, complete separation of feces and urine
    • Feces Collection tube made of non-wetting PMP. Pellets roll down the side of the funnel to be collected in the tube. Unlocks with single twist from outside of cage, without disturbing the animal
    • Support grid of stainless-steel lets excreta pass through the conveniently spaced bars. Mouse cage includes mouse-sized grid
  • Optional 12-Cage rack saves space with small footprint, maximizing density.



Practicality of use

Easy to remove feeder and collection tubes: feed filling and samples collection without disturbing the animals on test.

Unique design and high quality materials

To maximize reliability and endurance


Every component is designed to be interchangeable to provide maximum flexibility


Separation apparatus featuring low-adherence plastic materials: perfect separation and collection of faeces and urine

Optional 12-Cage Rack

Space saving and great visibility in a small footprint, maximizing density

Standard Cage DimensionsThe cage upper chamber, is available in two sizes:

  • for mice and rats up to 300g, with a surface of 320cm2 and a height of 14 cm;
  • for rats over 300g, with a surface of 450 cm2 and a height of 18 cm.
  • In the single-mouse cage, the usable floor area is 200cm2 with an internal height of 13cm
Product weight


Shipping weight 10Kg
Packing dimensions 67x42x53cm

Metabolic cages provide uncontaminated, reliable samples for accurate metabolic monitoring, In fact a unique funnel-and-cone design completely and immediately separates feces and urine into tubes outside the cage. Its design they prevent urine from washing over and entering the feces tube.
Food and water systems allow the animal’s intake to be easily measured and are located outside the cage to prevent spillage from contaminating the excreta.


Metabolic Cages for Rats


Metabolic Cage for rats up to 150g


Metabolic Cage for mice


Metabolic Cage for rats 150 to 300g


Metabolic Cage for rats over 300g

Metabolic Cages for Mice


Metabolic Cage for mice (groups)


Metabolic Cage for single mouse



Single cage stand (included in all cages except 41700-033


Vertical Rack for 12 Metabolic Cages, suitable for models 41700-002/005. Dimensions 124x48x190 cm


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