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Mouse, Rat

Multiple-Cage Set-up for Learned Helplessness for Rats and Mice

Product Code:47502/47503

Learned helplessness is a model in which animals are exposed to repeated painful or otherwise aversive stimuli that cannot be escaped or avoided. Used in studies of depression.

Rat or mouse cage with electrified grid floor offers flexible operation with planned or random shocks. Easy control with touch screen. Includes reporting software for easy data collection.

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  • When rodents are exposed to inescapable and unpredictable stress, such as forced swim or inescapable foot shock, they often develop deficits in memory and learning tasks (e.g. Active Avoidance), and they often show analgesic reactions (S.I.A. Stress-Induced Analgesia).

 Flexible, easy data collection

  • A sophisticated generator of unpredicta­ble random shocks delivered to the grid floor of a rodent box (dark isolation cube) – rat and mouse models.
  • Easy set up using a 12-inch touch screen controller. Randomize shocks based on time duration as well as intervals between shock events. Schedule a complex train of shock events. 
  • Up to 4 animals can be controlled simultaneously in 4 independent boxes using one touch screen controller.
  • Easy data collection. Includes user-friendly reporting software to collect, visualize and export data into spreadsheets such as Excel.
  • Optional expansion box available for multiple cages.
  • Part of our expandable Beehive Cage-Manager System. Add, manage and monitor other cages in our range using a single touch screen controller.
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