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Code: 37215

Analgesy-Meter the 1st and original Randall-Selitto paw-pressure test

The 37215 Analgesy-meter is the classic device to perform Paw Pressure experiments according to the Randall-Selitto method, The Ugo Basile original design dates back to the 1960s.

Typically, the Randall-Selitto method is used as a rapid and sensitive screening of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

The force is applied to the animal paw, which is placed on a small plinth under a cone-shaped pusher with a rounded tip, which does not hurt the animal. The 37215, originall designed for rats, is conveniently used also with mice; however, when lower pressure is required, we offer model 37216, with applied pressure reduced to 50% and including a special chisel-shaped pusher.

The operator depresses a pedal-switch to start the mechanism which exerts the force; when the rat struggles, the operator releases the pedal and reads off the scale the force at which the animal felt pain. Additional weights are provided, to increase the force range. The Analgesy-Meter features a low voltage synchronous motor.

new The classic Analgesy-Meter can now be integrated with a specific pressure sensor and the related controller, available as optional, which upgrades the Analgesy-Meter to a fully digital device.

As the basic design is unchanged, results with the digital model are consistent with published data.

The design of the upgrade kit makes it easy to retrofit existing UB Analgesy-Meters as well. Ask for details!

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