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Please, register your Ugo Basile device to activate the 24 month on-factory warranty.

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Ugo Basile Limited Warranty and Repair Policy (Asia)
Starting from first of June 2021

This Limited Warranty applies ONLY to Ugo Basile-manufactured products, which includes the hardware components, software and required firmware provided by Ugo Basile.

This Limited Warranty DOES NOT include any non-Ugo Basile software application or program, non-Ugo Basile products, or non-Ugo Basile branded peripherals.

All non-Ugo Basile products or non-Ugo Basile branded peripherals external to the Ugo Basile hardware products are provided “AS IS” without Ugo Basile warranty. However, non-Ugo Basile manufacturers and suppliers, or publish- ers may provide their own warranties directly.

Ugo Basile is NOT responsible for any interoperability or compatibility issues that may arise when:
1. Products, software, or options not supported by Ugo Basile are used.
2. Configurations not supported by Ugo Basile are used.
3. Parts intended for one system are installed in another system of different make or model.

This Limited Warranty is NOT transferable and applies ONLY to direct customers who purchase products from Ugo Basile for resale. For end users or indirect customers, please contact your distributor for warranty services.

Customer shall be responsible to advise its customers/end users regarding the interoperability/compatibility, sup- ported or qualified hardware/software by Ugo Basile before installation and shall contact Ugo Basile sales represen- tative if any assistance is needed.

Customer shall take full responsibility for files and data transferred, and to maintain all appropriate backup of files and data stored on our products. Ugo Basile will not be responsible for any data loss as a result of using or access- ing Ugo Basile products.

Hardware Limited Warranty

  1. Regular Warranty

    Ugo Basile warrants to the direct customer that Ugo Basile hardware products (excluding non-Ugo Basile prod- uct and software delivered with or as part of the Ugo Basile product), will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after delivery.
    Ugo Basile warrants the replacement or repair parts, to be free from defects in material or workmanship for ninety (90) days or, for the remainder of the limited warranty period of the product they are replacing or in which they are installed, whichever is longer.

  1. Extended warranty for registered products

    Upon product registration on the Ugo Basile web page register.ugobasile.com, a free additional 12 months warranty will be applied.
    To activate the extended warranty for registered products, registration must be done not longer than 45 days after delivery.

  1. Out of Warranty

    Ugo Basile will repair or replace the defective products provided, however, that any such repair or replacement is contingent upon the availability of the required components. The customer shall pay the two-way shipping, packing, insurance, repair/replacement service fees and other costs, including necessary labor and parts.
    Customer shall ship defective products freight prepaid to Ugo Basile. Ugo Basile shall ship repaired products freight collect to the customer. If the customer has a pending delivery, the repaired products shall be shipped together with the customer’s order. Otherwise, it will be shipped separately.
    All out-of-warranty products returned for repair or replacement services, the repaired or replacement parts shall be warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for ninety (90) days from the repaired or replacement parts delivery by Ugo Basile.

  1. Non-Warranty

    Ugo Basile reserves the right to inspect products returned from its customers in order to determine the cause of the problem. Ugo Basile shall return defective products that could not be repaired at no-charge, except for shipping costs. This warranty does not cover expendable or consumable parts and product problems related to the following:
    a. Products damaged during shipping due to insufficient or improper packaging.
    b. Damage caused by force majeure (such as fire, flood, war, earthquake, snowstorm, pandemic, etc.)
    c. Damage caused by normal wear of parts, scratches, surface rust or deterioration, improper use, improper
    storage, improper testing, negligent use of improper voltage or current, accidental damage, abnormal or unusual use, use of unauthorized accessories or modules, use contrary to the operating instructions, improper operating temperature/environment, or lack of regular maintenance.
    d. Product repaired, dismantled, or altered by unauthorized technical personnel.
    e. Damage caused by computer viruses.
    f. Removed warranty seals or serial number stickers which void our warranty.
    g. The warranty is voided if there are labels, which do not belong to the original vendor, on any of the
    following locations:
    • Breather holes and air vents
    • Serial number, part number
    • On any location where these labels cover product information of the original vendor.

  1. Optional Extended Warranty (UB Care)

    In addition to the one-year Regular Warranty and in addition to the one-year product registration extended warran- ty , Ugo Basile offers an Optional Extended Warranty that extends the warranty period for the product for additional one or two years called “UB Care12”/“UB Care24”
    Customers may purchase the “UB Care” at the maximum of 3 months after buying. For more detailed information, please contact your local representatives.

  1. How to Return Material for Repair

    6.1 Return Material for Repair
    The customer requests a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number by contacting Ugo Basile, describing the problem and providing Unit Serial Number to be verified.
    6.2 Ugo Basile issues an RMA number to the customer upon approval.
    6.3 Returned items must be packed properly and safely, preferably in the original packaging. The RMA number should be marked clearly on the outside of the package. Ugo Basile is not responsible for any damage or loss during transportation due to improper packaging.
    6.4 Ugo Basile strongly suggests that the customer first contacts Ugo Basile’s technical support or sales depart- ment for an initial analysis of possible causes and solutions for any encountered problems before returning product for repair.
    Note: customers shall bear the shipping costs if no defects are found in the returned products.

  1. Grounds for Refusing Returned Materials

    If any of the following condition exists, the returned products may be rejected by Ugo Basile’s Service department and returned to the customer at the customer’s expense:
    a. No RMA number was issued.
    b. Content of the package does not match the RMA issued.
    c. Returned products missing components (such as ICs, resistors, capacitors, etc.). d. Failure to ship products according to the agreed method of shipping.

  1. Repair Charges

    Ugo Basile shall inform the customer of the repair cost in advance. Repair charges may be included with the cus- tomer’s next purchase order or paid separately. Customers should request the repair charge from the sales person or sales assistant in charge of their account.

    Summary of Ugo Basile Hardware Product Warranty Policy

      Regular Warranty  Upon Registration  Out of Warranty Non-Warranty  UB Care
    Warranty Period  First 12 months Additional 12 months After 12 months without regis- tration , After 24 months upon registration   Extra 12 or 24 months af- ter standard or additional registration warranty expiration.
    Cost of Shipping to Ugo Basile Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by customer
    Cost of Shipping to Customer Paid by Ugo Basile (Except custom charges) Paid by Ugo Basile (Except custom charges) Paid by customer Paid by customer Paid by Ugo Basile (Except custom charges)
    Repair or Replacement Policy Repair or replace Repair or replace Repair/Return Repair / Return Repair or replace with new, comparable or reconditioned Repair or replace
    Response Time /Repair Charge Please ask Please ask Please ask Please ask Please ask
  1. Restrictions on Use of Products

    The products sold by Ugo Basile are solely designed to be used according to what described into the product in- struction manuals.

  1. Version Update

    Ugo Basile reserves the right to make adjustments and/or changes to this warranty policy from time to time without notice.

  1. Service

    Please email to sales@ugobasile.com with any questions concerning Ugo Basile’s warranty and repair policy.