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Isotonic Transducer

Product Code:7006

For investigating isotonic contractions (changes in tissue length) of isolated muscles and measuring small displacements in physiological preparations. Typically used to study the contractile/relaxation effects of drugs.

Perfect for studies using extremely small and fast muscle fibers. Set up a comprehensive system by adding our data acquisition system, organ baths, electrodes and stimulators.

This product warranty can be extended up to 24 Additional Months.
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  • Designed for investigating isotonic contractions in isolated organs, particularly smooth muscle, isolated organs such as amphibian hearts etc.
  • Consists of a carbon-fiber lever arm, which pivots on the shaft of a Hall effect rotary motion transducer of original design. The arm is balanced by an easy to adjust counterweight of tungsten alloy. The load is monitored by the counterweight rim moving along a scale calibrated in grams.

Results using minimal tension

  • Ideal for very fast contractions. Enables experiments to be performed on extremely small and fast muscle fibers, which can be held under a tension of as little as 100-200mg so that minimal force and consequent displacement alterations can be recorded.
  • Set up a complete research system for a wide range of experiments by adding our DataCapsule-Evo data acquisition system, tissue baths, electrodes and stimulators. Also connects to other popular data acquisition systems.



Hall-effect transducer

Measure displacement in isotonic conditions

Tungsten alloy counterweight

Extremely quick response, for fast contractions

Ample choice of connectors

Can be used with virtually any data acquisition systema


Voltage Output:

300µV per mm displacement of lever arm tip


± 2% to ± 15 ° rotation

Excitation Voltage:

6 ÷ 15 V

Excitation Current:

20 mA (constant in the range 6 ÷ 15 V)

Operating Range:

± 15° about the centre (zero)

Lever Arm Length:

10 cm

Lever Arm Travel: 6 cm
Breakaway Torque: Less than 0.1 gcm
Moment of Inertia 35 gcm²
Overall Dimensions  16.5 x 5.5 x 11 cm
Weight  0.35 Kg
Shipping Weight  1.60 Kg

Before ordering, check the connection compatibility of your amplifier/recording system.

The Isometric & Isotonic Transducers are normally supplied with a connector designed for Ugo Basile Data-Capsule-Evo Recorder (see datasheet).

If the customer wishes to make use of other recording apparatus, the transducers can be supplied with appropriate connectors on request: we will be glad to provide transducer with different connectors, if available, or to provide wiring information and instruction.

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