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Code: 7025

Rodent Ventilator - volume controlled respirator

The 7025 Rodent Ventilator is a positive pressure pump (according to Starling's Ventilator method), designed for use with guinea pigs, rats, mice and small birds.

The 7025 drive consists of a variable speed geared motor linked by a novel variable stroke mechanism to easily interchangeable cylinder/piston assemblies. Their precisely regulated geared-motor speed is controlled by an electronic feedback-controlled drive, thus providing the most accurate and reliable stroke rate control of any respirator available. Electronic noise broadcasting is negligible, and the pumps are also quiet to the ear. 

The unique linkage mechanism insures that: the piston almost touches the cylinder end with each stroke, regardless of the pre-set volume, thus insuring all air taken into the pump is expelled with each stroke. The volume, clearly indicated on a stationary dial, is adjustable by means of a knob while the pumpis either running or at standstill. The reciprocating motion is generated, adjusted and transmitted to the piston by rods and articulatedjoints only.

The lack of sliding friction leads to: practically no wear and no backlash, hence silent operation and exact stroke reproducibility.

The 7025 can be equipped with 5, 10 or 30ml cylinder/piston assembly.

The operation of the ventilator may be "paused" by an external TTL logic signal (optional feature). Synchronised START/STOP feature available as optional (series 7125). 

The picture features a Rodent Ventilator 7025, together with the 6025 for Cat/Rabbit

“We have four of your respirators in our extended lab and they are wonderful - as is your service” Dr. Nicholas Price, Monash University

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