Ventilators and Gas Anesthesia
Code: 7900/10 - 21100-790

Induction Boxes for gas anesthesia

The 7900 Induction Box is a conveniently dimensioned, cost-effective solution to confine one guinea pig, one rat or several mice, for anesthesia procedures. An airtight model 21100-790 is also available for safer procedures. 

Model 7900 incorporates a sliding lid and tubing connectors (vaporizer input and scavenger output). An airtight model is also available for safer procedures. 

Our anesthetizing boxes are made of clear perspex and feature a sliding lid. Two tubing connectors are fitted into the box for quick connection to any anesthesia or euthanasia system.

Models 7900 and 21100-790 are dimensioned to confine mice, a rat or a guinea-pig (cm 25x13x13h). The picture features a 21100-790

Model 7910 is dimensioned to confine rabbits or other animals of similar size (cm 40x22x21h).

Additional Info

    7900 Induction box for small rodents
    Dimension 25x13x13(h)cm
    I.D. 23x12x12(h) cm
    7910 Induction box for rabbits
    Dimension 40x22x21(h)cm
    I.D. 38x20x19(h)cm
    21100-790 Induction box for small rodents, airtight model
    Dimension 25x13x13(h)cm
    I.D. 21x11x13(h) cm



    7900 Induction Box, small
    7910 Induction Box, large
    21100-790 Induction Box, airtight model




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