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Code: 3165

4-channel Multiplexing Pulse Booster for Stimulators

The typical one-channel stimulator lacks the power, independent output connections and individual adjustment capability to deliver pulses of preset intensity to more than one preparation. The 4-channel Multiplexing Pulse Booster, providing high power (up to 800 mA), has been designed to obviate these shortcomings, performing as a useful complement to any stimulator, to energize up to four in-vitro electrode pairs at the same time.

The 3165 provides constant current, unipolar or bipolar pulses and current monitoring.

A Timer Cat. 3175 can be supplied to enable the pulse booster to deliver pulse trains, when the stimulator lacks this feature.

The 3165 as a useful complement any stimulator, to obviate these shortcomings, energizing up to four in-vitro electrode pairs at the same time.

A one-channel stimulator can be conveniently replaced by a data acquisition system, as - for example - our 17304 DataCapsule-Evo!

3165 Multiplexing Pulse Booster 3165 Multiplexing Pulse Booster

Additional Info

    High power (up to 800 mA), independent channels Can boost any stimulator to deliver pulses to 4 preparations
    Independent controls for each channel Polarity and intensity can be freely adjusted
    Independent isolated circuits Eliminate interference
    Power Requirement: 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 W max
    Dimensions: 26 (w) x 30 (d) x 12 (h) cm
    Weight: Kg. 4.4)
    Shipping Weight: Kg. 6.5 approx
    Power  up to 800 mA
    Voltage 45 V


    3165-302 Instruction Manual 

    E-PE 015 Connection Cable

    E-WP 008 Power Cord

    3175 Timer for 3165


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