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Transducers and Recorders

Transducers Recorders

Isolated tissue bath assays are a classical pharmacological tool for evaluating concentration-response relationships in a myriad of contractile tissues. While this technique has been implemented for over 100 years, the versatility, simplicity and reproducibility of this assay helps it to remain an indispensable tool for pharmacologists and physiologists alike.

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  • Animal

    Provides accurate recording of isometric or isotonic tissue contraction/release. For studying effects of drugs or electrical stimuli on isolated smooth muscles (including uterus, trachea, gastrointestinal tract, vessel strips, auricle etc) under optimum conditions.

    Classic pharmacology tool for research and teaching. Maintains the integrity of live muscle tissue for several hours in...


    For investigating isotonic contractions (changes in tissue length) of isolated muscles and measuring small displacements in physiological preparations. Typically used to study the contractile/relaxation effects of drugs.

    Perfect for studies using extremely small and fast muscle fibers. Set up a comprehensive system by adding our data acquisition system, organ baths, electrodes and...


    Measures the force (or tension) of isolated tissue when its length is constant. Pharmacological responses can be characterized by the contractile/relaxant properties.

    Four models available covering range from 0 to 50g. Highest-sensitivity model covers the range 0-800mg. Sturdy construction. Connects to popular data acquisition systems.