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ECT Unit (Electro-Convulsive-Therapy) for EC- threshold detection

The ECT apparatus (Electro Convulsive Therapy) is specially designed for neurochemical and neuropharmacological research. 

A constant current output is used, which ensures reproducible results and accurate determination of the EC threshold while also pinpointing any variations in the threshold brought about by drugs having a specific action on the cortex and sub-cortical regions. The shock parameters have been selected after consulting the most relevant literature, to supply the most suitable range when operating with mice or rats.                                             

Consistent reproducible current levels are produced by feedback circuitry that adjust for variance in impedance of the contact from animal to animal.

The impedance to the animal can be pre-measured and displayed, and a warning signal flashes if the impedance is too great to deliver the desired current level.

The standard auricular electrodes supplied (see main picture) allow a single operator to deliver shock to a number of subjects in a short time. Optional corneal electrodes are available as optional.

The special output circuit enables any type of electrode to be used.


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