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6025 - Cat/Rabbit Ventilator

Cat/Rabbit Ventilator Cat/Rabbit Ventilator

The 6025 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator is a volume-controlled mechanical ventilator (according to Starling's ventilation method), designed for use with cats, rabbits and animals of similar size. It can be can be equipped with 50 or 100ml cylinder/piston assembly.

The 6025 drive consists of a variable speed geared motor linked by a novel variable stroke mechanism to easily interchangeable cylinder/piston assemblies. Their precisely regulated geared-motor speed provides the most accurate and reliable stroke rate control of any respirator available.

Motor speed is controlled by an electronic feedback-controlled drive, thus providing the most accurate and reliable stroke rate control of any respirator available. Electronic noise broadcasting is negligible, and the pumps are also quiet to the ear. The6025 can be equipped with 50 or 100ml cylinder/piston assembly.

The operation of the ventilator may be "paused" by an external TTL logic signal (optional feature). Synchronised START/STOP feature available as optional (series 6125).

“We have four of your respirators in our extended lab and they are wonderful - as is your service” Dr. Nicholas Price, Monash University

    Interchangeable cylinder/piston 50 or 100ml
    Reliable mechanics Lifelong lasting
    Silent operation & negligible R.F. broadcasting Quiet operation, both acoustically and electrically
    External TTL to Pause the ventilator Optional  Synchronized START/STOP  for demanding electrophysiology tests
    Rate 10 to 100 strokes for minute  
    Rate Read-out on digital display  
    Stroke Volume 10 to 50 or 2 to 100 ml, depending on cylinder/piston installed  
    Stroke Volume Scale Double indication 10-50 & 20-100ml  
    Stroke Volume Reproducibility ±2%  
    Power Requirement Universal input 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz, 40 VA max.  

    6025= via TTL command

    6125= by synchronised command

    Operating Temperature 5° to 30°C  
    Sound Level <70dB  
    Dimensions 27x26x19cm  
    Weight 9.5Kg  
    Shipping Weight 16Kg approx.  
    Packing Dimensions 67x42x53cm  
    Warranty 6025s are covered by a 24-month warranty  

    Artificial ventilation, also called artificial respiration is any means of assisting or stimulating respiration in a subject which is not breathing or is not making sufficient respiratory effort on its own.

    Mechanical ventilation is a method to mechanically assist or replace spontaneous breathing: this involves a machine called a ventilator.

    6025 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator, complete with 50ml cylinder/piston assembly
    6026 50ml Cylinder/piston assembly
    7032 Perspex Lid
    7033 Lithium-Grease Tube
    6044 Y-Canula
    E-AU 041

    USB pen drive, including

    6025-302 Instruction Manual

    Other available Models
    6025-100 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator, complete with 100ml cylinder/piston & standard accessories
    Models with Synchronized START/STOP circuit
    6125 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator, with 50ml cylinder/piston assembly, synchronized
    6125-100 Cat/Rabbit Ventilator, with 100ml cylinder/piston assembly, synchronized
    6026 50ml Cylinder/piston assembly
    6027 100ml Cylinder/piston assembly
    6025-150 Connection Kit for Anesthesia System to Ventilator 6025

    See also our Anesthesia Systems, series 21100, the ideal match to our Ventilators

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