Pain and inflammation
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P.A.M. Pressure Application Measurement (PAM)

The P.A.M. (Pressure Application Measurement) device is a novel tool for measuring mechanical pain threshold. It was specifically designed and validated for Arthritis research and is therefore especially suited to assess joint hypersensitivity in rodents knees or ankles. 

The PAM device can also be used to measure mechanical sensitivity in mice and rats paw, by using a specific Paw Pressure Transducer (optional).

The PAM device t applies a quantifiable force for direct stimulation of the joint and for automatic readout of the response.

The operator simply wears a special force sensor on his or her thumb and the peak amplifier measures the force which elicits the animal response (normally, limb withdrawal).

Each PAM device comes standard with two force sensors, which have been specially designed to apply force to rat and mouse joints.

The device includes as standard both a control unit with internal memory and the NEW DCA software for signal monitoring, data transfer and analysis. Once saved, data can be browsed on the control unit and/or trasferred to a PC in proprietary, Excel (.xls) or text (.txt) format, to be managed by most statistical analysis packages available on the market.

P.A.M. P.A.M.

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