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Activity Cage

The Ugo Basile 47420 MULTIPLE ACTIVITY CAGE is of great value to record spontaneous co-ordinate activity in rats and mice (individual or groups) and variation of the activity in time. 

The package comprise an electronic unit and an I.R. Beam Cage, which consists of an Animal Cage of clear Perspex, 40x40cm, complete with two sets of emitter/sensor arrays for horizontal and vertical activity. This set-up can accept up to 5 additional cages, for a total of 6 cages.

The electronic units incorporate a graphic display, a thermal printer and a serial port RS232 for direct connection to the PC via the included software: a serial to USB adaptor is also included. The Activity Cage is provided with an internal memory, capable to store the data of several experiments, to be unloaded to the PC later.

The graphic display presents all available commands: the operator sets the experiment configuration via the keyboard located below the display.

The movements the animal makes inside the cage interrupt one or more I.R. beam/s. The beam interruptions, counted and recorded by the electronic unit's internal memory, enable the user to assess and analyse the animal activity. Data related to activity, either horizontal and/or vertical, are saved, printed in a convenient format, and/or routed to the computer according to the selected configuration.

The data can be customized by adding animal & experiment numbers, gender , etc.

Activity Cage Activity Cage

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