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Our Fear Conditioning System is appreciated by many researchers around the world as one of the best systems. WE HAVE MADE IT EVEN BETTER! 

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The UGO BASILE ANY-maze controlled Fear Conditioning System  (Fear Conditioning 2.1) automates the two most common fear conditioning paradigms: Contextual Fear Conditioning and Cued fear Conditioning

This custom version of Barnes-Maze comes with three 3 interchangeable tables diam. 120cm each, with 8, 16 and 32 holes respectively. Complete with removable shelter with magnetic lock 

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The Delta-maze is a custom modification of the T-maze, a special design made possible by the extreme adaptability of our MultiMaze system 41500.

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The 40500-001 Touch-Screen Controller is a powerful and versatile tool, which will function as main unit in a number of tests:

Ugo Basile introduces a new multi-maze system of original design, a versatile modular device, with which the researcher can assemble the ideal configuration to study spatial learning and spatial memory in rats or mice.

The Passive Avoidance Set-Up (step-trough method) by Ugo Basile, is an efficient and reliable insturument fo the classic Passive Avoidance Test. 

The Open Field is used to assess exploratory behavior and validated for use in the measurement of anxiety related behaviors.The Ugo Basile Open Field Cage is available in two different sizes and in a number of different versions, to match different experimental needs. Open Field Cages can also be conveniently used for novel object recognition  (NOR) test.

The Barnes Maze is a valid alternative to the water maze to study spatial memory. The motivational drive is the rodent's instinctive aversion for open spaces and natural preference for dark and "sheltered" spaces.

Why ANY-maze?

ANY-maze is today’s most advanced video tracking system. Trusted by thousands of researchers around the world, ANY-maze couples an unrivalled depth of features with a simple, familiar design, to provide automated testing in virtually any behavioural test.

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