Von Frey Dynamique (æsthésiomètre plantaire dynamique)
Code: 37450

Von frey Dynamique (æsthésiomètre plantaire dynamique)

Le Von Frey dynamique a été inventé pour mesurer les variations de la sensibilité tactile au niveau de la voute plantaire des rats et des souris. Il est unique et révolutionnaire:
Il s'agit du seul Von Frey automatique qui meut le filament vers la surface de la patte, applique la force selon une rampe préprogrammée, mesure et enregistre le seuil de retrait de la patte en gramme. Le tout en une seul opération. Il solutionne le problème rencontré avec les filaments ou les versions manuelles : ce n'est plus le chercheur qui applique la force mais un moteur linéaire et silencieux !

At each paw withdrawal, the Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer(DPA) automatically detects and records latency time, and actual force at the time of paw withdrawal reflex. A movable force actuator is positioned below the plantar surface of the animal and the desired force and force speed (ramp) is applied, as preset by the operator. A Von Frey–type 0.5mm filament exerts increasing force, until the animal twitches its paw.  

The DPA encompasses:
  • a movable touch-stimulator unit, well proven in previous model, complete with filament actuator and adjustable angled-mirror
  • a microprocessor controlled electronic unit, of new design provided with graphic display, internal memory for data storage, USB key and optional printer
  • a large testing surface (perforated metal platform)
  • a new modular animal enclosure, offering from 3 to 12 spaces, convenient to hold rats and mice

Data may be easily ported to the memory stick or directly to computer.

The Ugo Basile Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer 37450 is the quickest and most accurate way of delivering a mechanical stimulation and measuring a response, all automatically!

Informations supplémentaires

    The force is automatically applied Consistency in force application, rate and direction
    The user only has to press a button The test is quicker and less tedious than VF hairs
    Force threshold and ramp can be preset More parameters to fit with virtually any experimental need
    Power Requirement Universal mains 85-264 VAC, 50-60Hz
    Commands                 via soft-buttons
    Read-out multifunction graphic display
    Print-out via optional thermal MiniPrinter or panel-mount printer
    Starting via keys on the I.R. Vessel. Additional key on the Controller  
    Force Range 0.5 to 50 grams, in 0.1g steps from 0.5 to 5g, and 0.5g steps from 5 to 50g
    Force Increasing Rate (ramp) adjustable in the interval 1 to 50 seconds, in 1 s steps
    Latency Time displayed on the graphic display, in 0.1s steps
    Connection to PC via USB
    Data Portability to PC Via USB pen drive provided
    Calibration via calibration weights provided
    Operating Temperature 10° to 40° C
    Sound Level negligible
    Total Weight 12Kg
    Shipping Weight 18.5Kg approx.
    Dimensions 85x40x35 cm (assembled)
    Packing Dimensions 98x49x47cm
    Warranty Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer is covered by a 24-month warranty.

    Impaired cutaneous sensation is usually first manifested in a loss of light touch detection. So “mechanical” stimulation has a long history of effective clinical use to diagnose pa-thologies of hyper- or hypo-aesthesia, brought about by drugs, neural pathology or experimental lesions, etc.

    The Dynamic Plantar Aesthesiometer was developed to apply a reproducible light touch to the rodent plantar surface, and quantify the force which causes the animal to react by withdrawing the paw.

    37450-001 Microprocessor controlled electronic unit
    37400-002 Touch Stimulator, complete with probe actuator and adjustable angled-mirror
    37000-003 Large Platform
    37400-327 Supporting column (4)
    37000-006 Modular Animal Enclosure, with lids and spacers (No. 3 Modules M-S 085)
    37450-005 Large Framed Perforated Metal Sheet

    Plastic Case lodging

    2 Filaments (with umbrella), 2 Calibration Weights, 1 hex. Wrench 1.25

    E-AU 041 Memory Key, including the following:

    37450-302            Instruction Manual

    52050-12 CUB Data Acquisition Software Package

    Spare parts

    37400-330 Spare filament, with protection umbrella
    E-US 063-1 Battery Snaphat type M4T32-BRI2SH1
    M-S 085 Replacement Cage Module


    37450-278 Additional Stimulation Base, complete with perforated metal sheet and animal enclosure
    37100 Set of 2 Durham Holders for Orofacial Stimulation (see paragraph 5.5)
    37000-145 Panel-Mount Printer (see also paragraph 3.2)
    57145 MiniPrinter (see also paragraph 3.3 and 11.3)
    37400-305 Package of 10 Heat Sensitive Paper Rolls (58 mm paper width, diam. 30 mm roll)

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