Comportement labyrinthe tracking

The Ugo Basile Water Mazes are water pools specifically designed and manufactured for the Morris water maze test.

Pourquoi choisir ANY-maze?

ANY-Maze est le système de suivi vidéo automatisé le plus avancé actuellement. Des milliers de chercheurs du monde entier font confiance à Anymaze, Logiciel qui associe un nombre inégalé de fonctionnalités à une conception simple et familière pour automatiser pratiquement tous les tests de comportement.


The elevated plus maze (EPM) was designed to measure anxiety in laboratory animals and as a general research tool in neurobiological anxiety research. The model is based on the test animal aversion to open spaces

The Open Field is used to assess exploratory behavior and validated for use in the measurement of anxiety related behaviors.The Ugo Basile Open Field Cage is available in two different sizes and in a number of different versions, to match different experimental needs. Open Field Cages can also be conveniently used for novel object recognition  (NOR) test.

The Elevated Zero-Maze is sometimes preferred to the Elevated Plus-Maze, because it offers the animal a smoother transition from closed to open arms.

The Ugo Basile Set-Up for Learned Helplessness is based on a sophisticated generator of unpredictable random shocks delivered to the grid floor of a rodent box where no escape is possible. Electric shocks can be randomized in terms of shock length, interval and complex trains can be programmed.

The Ugo Basile Lickometer - Vogel Test is a versatile system that can function as a simple software-based lickometer or to run Drinking-Conflict experiments and assess the anxiolytic effect of drugs.

Our STARTLE/PPI System allows automatic detection of Startle Reflex and pré-pulse inhibition. 

The Ugo Basile 47420 MULTIPLE ACTIVITY CAGE is of great value to record spontaneous co-ordinate activity in rats and mice (individual or groups) and variation of the activity in time.